Full Case VS Rubber Case: Which is Best for You?

Full Case VS Rubber Case: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to phone covers, we all have different preferences - the design is one thing. But what about the texture, the feel of the cover? Here, we'll share our thoughts on which one we'd prefer. 

The Design

Who doesn't love a good old design on their phone cover. The good thing about both covers is the fact that both are fully customizable. Meaning you can add your name, birthdate, anniversary date - or any logos or photos you want. The downside is the coverage of those designs.  

As its name implies, a full case offers a full coverage of the phone - side to side, top and bottom - along with its design. A rubber case on the other hand, though it covers the whole case - its design only covers the back of the case. 

Now, this shouldn't be a problem if you're not particular on the design, or if the design you want can be cropped without affecting the design. However, if your design entails something bigger or are more detailed in nature, such as a photo of you on vacation or a travel destination - a full case may be better to capture the design as a whole or with minimum snips.


The Finishing - Matte VS Glossy 

A favourite question of our followers revolves around the finishing of the cases they order. Now what is the deal with the finishing? Is it that much on important thing? More or less. 

While glossy adds shine to your case and may reflect light, its material makes it non-slip. In contrast, matte finishing is more about the feel of the case - sleek and smooth. 

For a normal hard case (similar to full case, but doesn't cover the top and bottom), most of the 200+ models we have are available in matte finishing, but some are also available in glossy finishing. A full case however, is only available in matte finishing while a rubber case is only available in glossy finishing.  

The Final Verdict

Having used both full case and rubber case, I would go for full cases anytime. The reason? Simple. Being a person who likes things done as soon as possible, the smooth surface of a full case really becomes a key point for myself in choosing a case. Makes putting in and taking out my phone from my pocket seamless. Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya? 

If you prefer non-slip cases though, I would recommend getting a rubber case over a soft case. The reason being will be on my next post. 

Until then, stay tuned!